AK Kohajda

Our law firm was established on 1 st of January 2012. From its origin, it is evolving gradually and the number of its lawyers is increasing. Although the fact, that the seat is in Prague, its specialized services are requested by clients both from the whole Czech Republic and Slovakia, Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom, including big European corporations’ branch offices.

Lawyers of our law firm are focusing on the field of financial law, namely financial markets law and tax law, they acquired the great experiences concerning legal relations related to the immovable properties, including issues from securing the matters of their construction till the contractual regulation of their sale or rental. They also provide complex services of corporate law and business contractual agenda. The standard component of these services is the complete administration of client’s claims containing steps of negotiations with debtors, representation of client before courts and in enforcement proceedings (executions) or insolvency proceedings.

Due to the secondary professional activities, our law firm’s lawyers are capable to assess the impact of legal act from the taxation perspective, therefore they always consider the economic and tax impacts of every particular legal act of our client and this fact greatly distinguishes our law firm from the majority of competitive law firms.

The law firm long-term collaborates with neatly chosen professionals in related fields, therefore it secures and intermediates the services of bailiffs, insolvency administrators, tax counselling and economic, accounting counselling too.

Since the lawyers of our law firm have been actively participating in the legislative procedure in the Czech Republic, they obtained an advantage of the knowledge of prepared regulation and therefore they are ready to inform our clients about concrete upcoming legislative changes relating to clients’ cases and to help our clients to adapt these changes.

The number of lawyers of our law firm facilitates the individual and non-anonymous cooperation with clients in the matters of their legal needs and every client knows who is working on its case. Reasonable size of our law firm as well as the usage of the modern software platforms of administration and communication with clients is also the reason, why our legal services can be provided for competitive prizes at the top level.