AK Kohajda

Our law firm always appreciates every interest of potential new client in its services. If the presentation of our work interested you, please, do not hesitate to contact us by the phone call or email. We are glad to welcome you in the premises of our office or we can visit you at the agreed place.

Concerning business corporation clients, we are prepared to process specific individual offer of the complex solution of their legal needs, to present this offer to authorized persons and to answer questions related to the scale of legal services providing by our law firm, their provision, and their prices.

If the individuals need to solve their legal problem, we usually meet them in the premises of our office and agree terms and condition of our cooperation. As a rule, the original discussion about client’s needs and the recommendation of further legal steps or the outline of possible alternatives is provided for free. The individual consumers are always detailed familiarized with costs related to the solution of their legal needs in advance because according to our opinion, only if they know the detailed information about these costs, they are capable to decide how to solve their problem.

Our law firm provides its legal services for contractual prices which reflects the complexity and difficulty of legal services, their overall scope, the language in which they are provided etc. We agree with clients on the bill per time consumed by the solution of client’s problem or on the flat rate reward. Before the invoice for our services is issued, the client is informed about every legal service which is invoiced.

We accept just cashless payments for our legal services and we issue regular tax invoices for every provided legal service pursuant to the respective VAT regulation.