AK Kohajda

Law of immovable properties

We provide our clients complex legal services related to the construction, rental, purchase or sale of immovable properties. We have been committed to full legal service from the moment of the decision of the client about the realization of construction until the sale, peaceful use, or rental of his immovable property. We represent the client before the administrative authorities in all legal matters concerning the construction, we prepare the contractual legal documentation for the rental of transfer of the existing immovable thing including the settlement the owner change in the cadastral register.

We have rich experiences with the rental of first class commercial premises, mainly offices and retail ones, in Prague and other large cities. We pay an increased attention during the provision of legal services related to the real estate on tax law aspects whereby we distinguish ourselves from our competition and increase the financial profitability of the particular disposition with the real estate for our clients.

Payments related to the ownership transfers of real estate we secure by escrows which is always deposited in the specific escrow payment account established just for this purpose. These accounts and deposited amount of money are held separately from the accounts of our law firm and thereby it is secured the high protection of deposited money and the transparent disposition with deposited money.

This specialisation comprises legal services related to:

  • the construction of building and building right,
  • the rental of commercial and housing premises,
  • the transfer of ownership to real estate,
  • the representation of the client before administrative authorities,
  • the securing of legal services for real estate brokers,
  • the intermediation of the investment into real estate,
  • the provision of the escrow as the possible manner how to pay the purchase price for immovable property.