AK Kohajda

Corporate and Commercial law

We provide our clients broad scale of legal services connected to their business. We offer an establishment or transformation of business corporation, changes in statutory bodies, preparation of contractual documentation or involvement in the negotiation of clients. Therefore, we are able to grant a complete legal service respecting various fields of the client’s business, whether the field is for example wholesale or retail, transport or health care.

In this field, we frequently use our tax law knowledges and practical experiences and therefore help our clients to evaluate their intended business steps not even from the legal perspective but from the perspective of tax aspects as well. This fact often saves our clients additional significant funds.

We provide our legal services to beginning businessmen. We advise them the right form of their business with respect to their field of business activity and we familiarize them with related administrative, tax and eventually accounting context. We secure them also the best possible protection of their business ideas. We protect them against unexpected future problems arising in time of the fully development of their business by an appropriate consultancy in the initial phase of their business.

This specialisation comprises legal services related to:

  • the establishment of business corporation,
  • the consultancy of administrative, tax and eventually accounting context of the beginning phase of the business,
  • the personal appointment of the stator bodies of business corporation and its changes,
  • the preparation and changes of the memorandum of association or articles of incorporation,
  • the preparation of business contracts and related documentation,
  • the legal support of clients during business meetings,
  • the preparation of documentation for a public procurements and related process of public procurements,
  • the representation of clients in business disputes before courts.