AK Kohajda

Civil law and representation before courts

We provide our clients wide scale of legal services in the field of civil law. Beside issues of disposition with the immovable properties, we provide our clients as well legal services in other subfields of civil law.

For example, we have successful practical experiences of the representation of property interest of heirs in the disputes between hers or we provide legal services in the field of contractual dispositions with immovable properties. In this field, we naturally proceed with the knowledge of the civil law regulation after its substantial recodification from the beginning of 2014.

We provide also legal services from the field of labour law. We secure the preparation of employment contract drafts, internal rules of the employer and we provide the legal counselling for the settlement of the disputes between employers and employees including the actions related to the harm caused in the relation with the employment.

We represent our clients before civil courts in contentious and noncontentious civil proceedings. In the necessary occasions, we are capable consult difficult cases by with the leading experts on civil procedure law from the legal faculties. Based on the provided grounds and information, we prepare the applications initiating proceedings (including the application for issuing of the order for payment) as well as every other submission related to the civic proceedings.

We collaborate also with the selected and reliable executors to secure active enforcement of eventual clients’ claims and even so if we did not represent the client in the original proceedings.

This specialisation comprises legal services related to:

  • the preparation and conclusion of the contracts related to dispositions with real estate,
  • the matter concerning inheritance law including the counselling related to testaments or succession and the representation of the hairs in the inheritance disputes,
  • the preparation of the labour contractual documentation and rules of the employer,
  • the representation of clients before courts in the civil disputes,
  • the representation of clients before Constitutional court of the Czech Republic,
  • the representation of clients in arbitrations,
  • the securing of the enforcement of the final decision of the court.