AK Kohajda

Public procurements law

We provide our clients wide range of legal services in the field of public procurements. Our services are sought not even by contracting authorities but also by clients who are suppliers or tenderers. In this field, we closely collaborate and appreciate the possibility of consultation with the employees of Ministry of industry and trade CR and Office for the protection of competition.

This specialisation comprises legal services related to:

  • the audit of realised selection procedures,
  • the analysis of problematics connected to the awarding of the public procurement including their solution,
  • the assessment of the selection procedure processes,
  • the legal analysis of problematics related to the interpretation and application of act on public procurement,
  • the consultation of issues related to public procurements,
  • the assessment of bids from the formal requirements given by effective law and contracting authorities.
  • the drafting and submission of objection in the selection procedure.