AK Kohajda

Claim administration

We secure the complex administration of claims for bigger business corporation and our regular clients. We represent our clients in negotiations with debtors, we proceed actively by the direct contact with the debtor in the first step, then we eventually continue by the proceedings before court and following enforcement proceedings or execution procedure. We try to workload our clients administratively as less as it is possible therefore we secure whole processing of the case containing also the provision of relevant information and handover of documentation until the recovered funds are paid to client by own administration.

We register the high success rate almost 70 % concerning the claim administration. At the same time, we respect rights of the debtors of our clients and obey the ethical requirements given by the Czech Bar Association and moral standards compared to large number of so called collection agencies.

The connection of claim administration and provision of legal services by advocate enables reaching of the state that most of the costs for claim administration are born by debtors instead of creditors. In general, financial burden of our clients for claim administration provided by our law firm consists in very reasonable prices.

This specialisation comprises legal services related to:

  • the take-over of the case of the debtor,
  • the dealings with the debtor with the aim of voluntary debt solution by the debtor,
  • the preparation of the acknowledgement of debt and reimbursement schedule,
  • the preparation of submission of the suit for the debt solution,
  • the representation of our client before court,
  • the preparation and submission of the proposal for the court execution of the claim granted by the court,
  • the acceptance of the enforced payment of the debt on the escrow account and the repayment of these funds to the client in the agreed frequency,
  • the regular information of client about the development in the individual administered claims.